I was watching a music video by the group Otava Yo with a German exchange student, where the background was a living museum event in Russian Karjala; Karjala/rice pies were being prepared in the video. Exchange student asked if this was filmed in Finland— no, this is filmed in Russia but in Karjala, that’s why it looks like Finland; I said. Afterward, we looked for similar events in Turku. Most likely because of Corona, we didn’t find any events. This shows how important living museums are to children as well as adults to get to know the culture from different times.

Sagalund museums in Kemiönsaari offer a wide selection of living museum experiences all year round for the whole family. It should be appreciated we have good cultural events on the island. For example week 8 there were experiences with the theme of traditional winter sports holidays for families.

There are good possibilities for living museum experiences in Turku as well. For example Luotsarimäki handicrafts museum, Kurala kylämaki museum, and Castle of Turku. Big thanks to everyone that makes living museum experiences possible; volunteers, museum foundations, even organizers and others.

Below are a few videos from Otava Yo, hopefully you will enjoy.