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I love to solve complex problems. Nature and entrepreneurship promotion are close to my heart. My hobbies are walking my dog, running, dancing, hiking, skiing, photography, and eukonkanto (wife carrying). Based on my hobbies, I’m more Finnish than the average Finn.

Few facts about me; 33 years old, Sri Lankan by nationality, currently living in Finland. I am currently working in Helsinki  remotely from Kemiö.

I moved to Finland in 2012 and to Kemiö in 2013. I came to Kemiö because of nature, friendly people and peaceful surrounding. I live in the Kårkulla village around 3km from the Kemiö center with my dog. I speak English, Sinhala, Finnish and Swedish. I understand Finnish and Swedish better than I speak.

I will try to share some of my adventures and thoughts on my blog. I love thought experiments 🤯.

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Happy women’s day! 🌷

Happy women’s day! 🌷

This year, the theme of Women’s Day is “Choose to challenge”. Challenging makes the world vigilant, it results in change. A world of gender equality is better for everyone, including men. How does gender equality affect the world? Celebrate women's achievements. The...

Municipal tax rate 💸

Municipal tax rate 💸

The municipal tax rate is a hot debate topic as the elections approach. Reducing the tax rate requires hard work; cutting costs, acquiring new residents, and increasing the income of residents. An amendment to the law may provide opportunities to reduce the tax rate,...