An environmentally friendly energy solution is not always lead to tightening of the municipal tax if the municipality has an energy policy that is supported by the best practices and the latest developments in the field. For example of electricity and heat storage around the day is a good way to manage peak demand, it reduces costs significantly. Schools, libraries and houses of culture are good examples where savings can be significant.

Even small power plants are a good way to improve the municipality’s dependence on the grid and to generate heat if possible. Small power could be a photovoltaic, nuclear, wind power or electric car with the possibility to discharge electricity from the battery into the grid.

Smarter electric cars and smarter charging network will reduce peak demand and allow more cars to be charged. Electric motoring reduces emissions and is a cheaper way of motoring. It is hoped the municipality will improve the public electric car charging network, including the vehicle network chargers.

Hopefully in 2021-2025, energy policy of Kemiönsaari will be smarter and more environmentally friendly. Such an energy policy could reduce spending from the municipal budget.