Election agenda 🗳️

Election agenda for Kemiönsaari for the term 2021-2025. Click ‘+’ if you want to read more on a topic or ‘-‘ if you want to minimize the topic.

1. Effective early-childhood education

Provide free, part-time, and best possible early-childhood education should be available to more children because a quality and accessible early-childhood education prevents exclusion and improves learning outcomes. Additionally, provide sufficient opportunities for example for language immersion. Early-childhood education should be provided in reasonably sized groups in a safe and hygienic environment that promotes movement.

2. Best possible primary school

Adequate resources and support services are guaranteed for training. Every child and young person receives the best possible education from their local school in a regular or special class. The needs of different learners are taken into account by providing special support in schools for students who need it and for students who progress faster are provided sufficient challenges. Enabling small teaching groups and healthy learning spaces that support learning. Investments must be made in the in-service training of competent teachers, and adequate substitute teacher resources and working hours must be maintained. Together with the third sector, more hobbies need to be brought into the afternoon activities of schools.

3. Secondary and vocational education

In vocational education, in-person teaching is maintained and working life is brought into education by increasing co-operation with companies, for example through training agreements. The internationalization of upper secondary schools must be encouraged, for example, through twinning relationships and various exchange programs. Cooperation between secondary and higher education is encouraged– albeit in science lines and introductory courses together with universities and polytechnics.

4. Equal opportunities for sports and hobbies

Diverse cultural, sports and leisure services for all ages are the best way to promote well-being, while making the municipality an attractive place to work and live. Increasing the mobility and well-being of children and young people must be reflected in payments and grants for sports services so that the movement and hobbies of children and young people are as affordable as possible. Every child and young person should have the opportunity to exercise. It is important to deepen cooperation between municipalities and sports clubs, and one way to do this is to introduce hobby vouchers that work like service vouchers. Cultural and sports services must also be brought more into connection with schools and educational institutions. The municipality’s sports services must take into account the opportunities for hobbies and competitions in various sports. The promotion of sports services and independent exercise for everyone.

5. A living cultural municipality

Kemiönsaari must be an actively renewing and developing cultural municipality that offers its residents experiences and joy in everyday life and celebrations. Accessibility of artistic experiences and cultural services, regardless of age and wealth, is a key goal. Various cultural services must be seen as an essential part of the well-being of local residents and an important factor to improve attraction. The operating conditions of libraries and museums need to be safeguarded and their cooperation with the free field of culture needs to be further strengthened. The operating conditions for cultural operators in the free field must be safeguarded. Libraries must meet the challenges of the new age as diverse media and cultural centers, as well as venues for events and meetings. Opportunities for cultural hobbies are maintained through diverse basic art education and association activities

6. Kemiönsaari for youth

The consultation and participation of young people in municipal decision-making must be increased. The participation of representatives of the Youth Council in board meetings will be clarified. Resources for exploratory youth work need to be increased. However, youth facilities should strive for more multi-purpose facilities serving local residents, taking into account the special needs of all user groups. Youth services must live flexibly in the lives of young people: mobile and electronic services, pop-up activities and various youth-led events are modern youth services.

7. Municipal planning and zoning

There are opportunities to work remotely in our municipality. Part-time residents of the municipality should be attracted to become permanent residents. Continuing immigration marketing and converting homes from summer homes to year-round homes will be helped by smooth application processes.

8. Water and energy production

The municipality’s carbon-neutral target could be achieved, among other things, by increasing the use of solar energy and monitoring developments in the sector. The municipality could inform residents to choose new forms of energy storage that could be used to charge electric cars, among other things.

The municipality should explore opportunities for energy production in the municipality. The municipality should help households and housing associations to switch to carbon-free heating, ie to replace oil, coal and peat with clean and affordable solutions.

The possibilities of electric cars must be increased in the area of our municipality. By 2030, vehicles using renewable or zero-emission fuels will be a more competitive alternative than vehicles using fossil fuels. 

The municipality’s own behavior and choices affect electricity consumption. Municipal-owned properties should take into account electricity consumption when replacing equipment and during periods of quiet operation.

The municipality encourages households and companies to take advantage of fluctuations in the market price of electricity.

9. Environment and nature

A diverse nature is also a prerequisite for human life. Closeness to nature and maritime nature are the absolute values of our municipality, which must be taken into account in all decision-making. Nature protection and environmental responsibility require the municipality to provide sustainable solutions in all its industries and service areas. The municipality’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030. To achieve this goal, modern and intelligent energy solutions and mobility systems must be introduced. Park and recreation areas must serve the needs of all residents in a more diverse way, and their maintenance and cleanliness must be taken care of. Biodiversity is safeguarded by maintaining and developing habitats that are important to insects. The municipality can provide active advice on the development of its backyards for this purpose.

10. Construction permits

The speed of zoning processes is one measure of a municipality’s vitality and dynamism. The number of complaints can be influenced by consistent and predictable decision-making. The municipality must be open-minded about partnership agreements that promote the creation of new jobs and construction projects. Develop more comprehensive plans for complementary construction that look further and further into the future. Build along existing thoroughfares, and create new housing options close to downtown along good public transport links. Electronic operating models streamline construction from permit processing to zoning and the involvement of local residents. Housing options for different life situations. Renovation can support living in your own home.

11. Smooth transport links

Electric cars, buses and bicycles are made easier to move by increasing the number of charging points. Community modes of transport also need to be developed and increased, as the aim is to create a modern and evolving public transport entity. In addition, Kemiönsaari must continue to be accessible by several modes of transport. An experiment will be carried out in municipal transport, where in addition to buses, a certain number of taxi trips or a rental car for the weekend will be available for a monthly fee. It would facilitate access to public transport for those living in side villages. The possibility of expanding the introduction of municipal bicycles should be investigated (There have been municipal bicycles available at Villa Lande).

12. Tax rate

Tax rate of 18% (19.75% in 2021) The low tax rate of a municipality can be an attractive factor in immigration for both residents and businesses.

13. An interesting municipality as a whole

Municipal centers need services and attractive brick-and-mortar shops, a distinctive restaurant and event culture, and comfortable and interesting common meeting places. Different parts of the municipality attract new residents. Nature, accessibility and community are emphasized in the development of residential areas. The aim is to offer diverse housing opportunities from detached house construction to new forms of community housing. Barrier-free new construction ensures that residents can change their home as needed. Ecology is raised as the number one goal in the planning of new residential areas.

14. Kemiönsaari for seniors

Everyone can live a safe and dignified life at all stages of life. The municipality must combat age discrimination. The municipality takes into account the needs of seniors in everyday life, housing, services and the environment. The aging population is taken into account in all planning and decision-making. Older people are a resource in volunteering, for example. They have perspectives and experience in social debate, decision making and business life. The binding nature of and compliance with the Elderly Services Act in the municipality must be strengthened. Carers must be valued and supported by guaranteeing contracts and their holidays and health checks. The municipality must support and promote the operating conditions of pensioners’ associations. Increasing the inclusion of older people, the availability of cultural and sports services and the ease of mobility support well-being. The municipality must have sufficient local sports facilities suitable for all ages. As digitization progresses, attention must be paid to the IT skills of older people and guidance and training must be provided.

15. Social and health services

Social and health (SOHE) services must be reformed in a customer-oriented manner, taking into account individual needs, and freedom of choice must be safeguarded. Freedom of choice gives older people a better chance to decide for themselves which operator, company or community they want to use. The availability of SOHE services in the citizen’s own mother tongue must be guaranteed. The privatization of SOHE services as part of services is worthwhile. Technologies that reduce the workload of nurses to facilitate nursing and care work.