Last year, Luxembourg became the first country to have free public transport. Tallinn has also had free public transport for residents since 2014, if I remember correctly. Why other countries do not have free public transport. Is this a crazy idea, financially or otherwise? Does it make any sense to arrange free public transport in rural areas?

Motoring is a friendly option for the municipal economy. Effective public transport is a resident friendly; Who wouldn’t want a car that doesn’t have to be driven– public transportation is a luxury. Free public transport makes this luxury available for motorist as well. Free public transport increases public transport users and makes it more accessible. As a bonus, it reduces motoring and it’s emissions.

I think public transport luxury should be available to everyone, regardless of car ownership or wealth. Free public transport is the only sensible way to achieve this goal, but in rural areas, it is difficult to get a sufficient number of users to reduce emissions and be financially robust.