My mother speaks Sinhala, and I have spoken Sinhala at home until I left home. My primary school education was in Sinhala medium as well. This leaves my Sinhala proficiency at quite a low level. On the other hand, English proficiency is at C1 level at worse because of my secondary and tertiary being in English medium and it has been my primary business language for over 22 years, compared to Sinhala 11 years.

To make matters even more complicated I have an intermediate-level certificate for Finnish (YKI testi), B1, or B2 level depending on comprehension or expression. I am to some extent proficient in Swedish and that has been my official business language in Finland even though in practice I tend to use Finnish lately and before that English. My Swedish proficiency might be closer to my Sinhala proficiency.

What is my mother tongue? Is it Swedish? Let me know what you think by sending me a message via Facebook Messenger or commenting on Facebook post.