Curriculum Vitae

Below you will find a summary of my work experience, academic achievements, and skills.

Work Experience

Incsub LLC

Lead Developer & System Administrator

I am the lead developer for Edublogs and CampusPress products. I am also part of the System Administrator team which is responsible stability of all information systems in the company.

2010 – 

Paketboden Ab


Started out as Kemiö Matkahuolto Asiamies, but now has become an e-commerce startup with the help of Business Finland funding.


2019 –

16bit Oy


Public signage and kiosk content development business hobby project.


2018 –

Code Master Oy

Developer / Entrepreneur

Software and web development consultancy business I setup after moving to Finland. In addition to Incsub, I have helped customers who have needed help with their interesting projects.

2012 –

Zinglix (Private) Limited

Software Engineer / Entrepreneur

Software engineering consultancy business in Sri Lanka I was running when I was in Sri Lanka.

2008 – 2013

WSO2 Inc.

Associate Software Engineer

I was key developer responsible for (corporate) and (community) sites. I helped migrate to AWS web services with the limited services available at the time.

2007 – 2008

OrangeHRM Inc.

Extra Space

Associate Software Engineer

I was the 2nd developer to join the team. During my time at OrangeHRM we developed the first opensource HRM solution and it was being used by real businesses around the world.

2006 – 2007

Language Skills


Bilingual speaker


Native speaker


Advanced written and listening comprehension, writing and speaking intermediate.




Technology Stacks

A shortlist of technology stacks with recent experience.


PHP is my bread and butter. I have been coding in PHP for over 17 years. Most of the code I have written has been written in PHP. 

2003 –


I have developed and maintained numerous plugins and themes and helped maintain multi-million blog networks running on WordPress multisite. I have an indepth knowledge of WordPress with a focus on speed and realiability.

2007 –

Amazon Web Services

I was one of the early adaptors of Amazon Web Services. I have extensive and in-depth experience with significant portion of AWS services.

2007 –


I have used node.js in developing business critical services outside of serverless functions. I have an in depth knowledge of quirks of node.js and a good handle of programming patterns needed in node.js.

2016 –

Serverless + React

I have worked extensively with serverless and react frameworks on multiple projects. Serverless API’s I have developed and maintained form critical parts of the business handling several millions of messages and API requests a day.

2017 –


I have used Twilio to build IVR and SMS applications with a focus on privacy and user experience.

2017 –


I have researched and developed tooling for deploying WordPress multisite networks in autoscaling Kubernetes clusters as part of my work.

2019 – 


Open University of Sri Lanka

Bachelors in Law

Two years completed before I moved to Finland.

2010 – 2012

University of Colombo School of Computing

Bachelors in Information Technology

Three-year bachelors degree in information technology.


Awards and Achievements

International Olympiad in Informatics

Team Member

I was a member of the 4 member team representing Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Olympiad in Informatics

3rd place


Sri Lanka Olympiad in Informatics

5th place


Sri Lanka Olympiad in Informatics

8th place


Contact Details

Mohanjith Sudirikku Hannadige

Pedersåvägen 144
25700 Kimito

[email protected]

040 7602877