nVidia GTX 1070 Ti equihash hash rate

I got my hands on GTX 1070 Ti today. I didn’t expect UPS to deliver on time as usual but they surprised me with this delivery. They managed to hand over the package to Posti (local postal service) day before the expected delivery date. Usually UPS hands over the package on the expected delivery date to Posti and sometimes after the deadline. Good job both Posti and UPS.

I’m getting 460-480 Sol/s with EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner. As expected the hash rate is as good as GTX 1080. Therefor GTX 1070 Ti costs less per hash.

I managed to get two cards. They will go to the second miner. I didn’t want to order too many cards so Gamers can have their cards too 🙂

Tips are welcome:

  • Zcash: t1fprbU9vrEJSgF129BY685zRvrFHycMjaQ
  • Bitcoin: 1Jm3xng58ugk5kAep7UNFUqnueKWUQ2yGm
  • Bitcoin Cash: 1DqctVBhxPFHd1PtRRKLh2PgFbZ8hEW6X5


I was ahead of schedule and I had around an hour to spend before it was time to meet the eukko in Iisalmi. I decided to walk around the city and I was pleasantly surprised by a street art exhibition that was being set up. See the photos I took bellow.

You can read about it here.

Normal Iisalmi follows 🙂

To Sonkajärvi

I’m off to Sonkajärvi for the Wife Carrying World Championship today after much trouble with finding a someone to carry (eukko). This year I planned to participate with a friend but unfortunately, she suffered an unrelated injury.
I tried asking friends, friends of friends, and putting up notices to find an eukko with no luck. Fortunately 3 days ago Eukonkanto organisers posted about two women looking for carriers on Instagram. I sent in an e-mail and after waiting one day I got a reply.

I’m delighted that I finally found an eukko and hopeful I will be able to post a better time than last year because eukko sounds sporty and not worried about being carried Estonian style. A Little part of me is nervous because I haven’t trained with this eukko.

Good luck to me and eukko!